Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Import of supplies tolls questions/answers

The questions of tolls on imported supplies has come up several times, so I wrote to the Tolls about it and here is their answer:

My mail:

".......We are a group of artist and artisans, who sell handmade items from Norway.

Most of our members sell their goods as either sole proprietors, or as a hobby. A question has come up several times on our forum regarding import tax for supplies ordered abroad. I contacted Skatteetaten and they told me this was a question for the tolls.

Question 1. Sometime a person will order supplies from abroad (for example beads) below the 350,- nok limit. Those supplies will be used to create an item that will later be sold, are we supposed to pay import vat ?

Question 2. Here is another scenario that happens often, an artisan buys supplies from abroad (for example beads, or knitting wool) this time the total value is above 350,. nok, but the package arrive without having gone through the tolls. What do we do now ? ....."

Answer from tolls.no:

Question 1.
No. If the shipment’s value including transport costs is less than NOK 350, the importer shall not pay any import duties or taxes.

Question 2.
If the importer recieves a shipment where the value is NOK 350 or above and no import duties or taxes have been charged, he / she must apply to Customs for a post-clearance. There is no application form, an e-mail (to post@toll.no) with a short explanation and the necessary documentation as attachment is sufficient.

Kind regards

Information Division
t: +47 22 86 03 12 # 1
e: post@toll.no | i: www.toll.no/en/

Customs region Oslo and Akershus
Customs and Trade Facilitation Department | Information Division
Tollbugata 1 A | Postboks 8122-Dep | N-0032 Oslo

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