Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Photography tips by Virginie Lykins

Here is a little peak into how I take photos for my ETSY shop.
Like most of us ETSY sellers living in Norway, I had the classic photo taking dilemma.

My photos were visibly affected by the Norwegian sun cycle, high and strong in the summer months, then low or not at all in the winter months.

Natural light is the best, so I tried taking photos near every window in the house. I settled for a living room window that did not have harsh direct sunlight, and found that around noon the light was at its best.

I tried different surfaces, and decided on using a spare IKEA shelf plate. My set up is pretty simple, and includes a cereal box, clothes pegs, some A3 white paper, and white hobby cards for bouncing the light.

One of the things I learned is that you cannot be impatient with a photo shoot, once you have found a set up that works for you – Stick with it ! And if one day the light is just not right, then postpone taking your photos. It’s not worth having to do it twice, and your customers deserve to see your products at their best.

Here you can see how my set up looks like on my living room table.

The A3 papers are held by clothes pegs on a cereal box, and I use a white 30x30cm hobby card to bounce off the light.

And here is the result.... photo is taken with a mobil phone, and is not enhanced, nor lightened.

You can find my etsy shop here: www.GiniCollection.etsy.com

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