Thursday, 5 April 2018

Meet a team member - Asa from Aasa Angelica Design

Healing jewellery designed in Norway!

I have always been making all kinds of different stuff. When I was a kid, I did not go to kindergarten because I was busy drawing. I did not understand why the other kids where interrupting me. When I got older I took an education for sowing and 1 year at a private school to learn fashion. When I finished that I started my own business, but got cut up with some spiritual people and lived with them in Chile sewing there clothes for about 3 years. When I came home to Sweden (I am Swedish, but live know I'm Norway) I started working as a cleaner in schools and kindergartens. I had enough and took the train to Oslo, Norway, and started cleaning gyms. But after 10 years of cleaning my body shut down. Then I met the father of my oldest son and and we lived in Spain for a few years. When our son was 1 year old we came to back Norway. Then I went to learn photography in a private school.

I have tried many different jobs over the years such as training instructor, diving instructor, receptionist at hotels and gyms, and photography, but I never really fit in. After going thru "an awakening process", I found Reiki healing (always knew I had this in me) and went to learn how to heal myself and my family and friends.

So now after 45 years on this planet, I will spend my time doing what I love, designing new things such as jewellery that I always come back to making. So thank you for reading this and hopefully supporting me on this exiting journey!!!

Love from Ă…sa Angelica!

Healing tigers eyes necklace with wood beads chain

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