Thursday, 14 June 2018

Meet a team member - Viktoria from Dharma Art Design

Handcrafted jewelry since 2009

I am Viktoria Breda and I'm an obsessed jewelry maker :)
I've been creating jewelry since September 2009, mostly of gemstones and minerals.
It started as a hobby, of course: something was missing, needed something extra to feel creative. My first audience were mineral exhibitions. Later I found a few retail sellers in my home country, started selling online, with more and more sales. Then, as I became more confident and had more and more sales, I started a small venture and it was my part-time job.
I had "grown international" when I discovered Etsy, and I felt very proud and happy that my work is appreciated in other countries, too. :o) 
In January 2016, I moved to Norway with family - being expats, meant we had a lot to leave behind, including my venture, and new things to get used to, so now I am working on building my Norwegian and international business. Still, most of my sales come from in the US - Thanks! :)

What is my strategy? NO MASS PRODUCTION, but unique, handmade, often one-of-a-kind pieces (only a very few exceptions). My head is always full of new ideas and designs, my "workshop desk" is always full of materials and sketches of new designs, supplies waiting to be prepared - I am trying to keep up and share everything new here on Etsy (and on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).

Please follow me to see my latest creations! :)

Earrings with silver plated leaf charms, Lapis lazuli gemstones.


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